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Village without Women

Village Without Women is a feature length documentry movie which speaks about feminism in a very innovative way. The story is about a village in Serbia where there are no women living. And people are frustrate by it, and people start feeling the hardship faced by men in the absense of Women. The story revoves around three brothers, Who pledge to get some girls from the city and they come out of their village, But no girl or women is ready to come to a village which had water scarcity and no roads and transport facilities. And the Story of the film is all about how they get a girl to their village.

Village without Women is a very ahead of times movie, which talked about the importance of women in the society in a very innovative and funny manner. This movie had mad the audience very emotional due to the hard hitting realities shown in the film. Director Srdan sarenac had a written a fatastic screenplay which engaged the audience very well, which is the reason for success of this movie.

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Director And Cast

Srđan Šarenac - The Director & Screenplay

Dejan Pejović - Music Director

Rodoljub Janković